Maya Protocol Has De-risked Hive

The Hive blockchain, with its unique social blogging platform and its native cryptocurrency, HIVE, has long been a hub of creativity and community engagement. However, until recently, Hive quietly faced a sign

Paying the Price of Inaction

Harry Browne wrote the following in his book "How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World": Everything you want in life has a price connected to it. There's a price to pay if you want to make things better, a price to pay just

My Hive Long-Term Strategy

A few days ago, I wrote a post titled 12K HP Milestone Within Reach. This post pondered what to do after reaching 12K HP. I am still short of the goal. But I have been thinki

12K HP Milestone Within Reach

My Hive Power is about to reach 12,000 HP. I am still 40 HP shy of the mark. I figure I will likely reach the goal in early September. I am thinking about the significance of this milestone. I had plans for what to do once I reached 12K HP.

Journal Entry for 2022-10-16

I am trying something different for today's blog post. Blog posts are typically a writing project, which is different from a journal entry. Journal entries are about anything and everything that happened throughout the day. Blog posts are ab

Hive or Bitcoin?

When Hive Power-Up Day rolls around, it's never an easy choice. Do I buy Hive? Do I buy Bitcoin? Today, Hive has won the play. Here is why. BTC Goal Met I have purchased enough BTC to know things will be alright in the future

Hive Disappointment

I was looking at my Hive stats. It appears that I have only earned 147.79 Steem/Hive

I Powered Up Another 87 Hive

I powered up another 87 Hive today. My weekly power up should be around $20. I lose some of that with fees from Coinbase and Blocktrades. However, it is still momentum in building my account. It's funny that I was celebrating that I reached

More STEEM Power Down Coming

Fortunately, Dlease has an option for canceling a lease renewal. One prior leaser renewed for three months at a little over 8% interest. It's a great price for him. However, it's much lower than other leases on the market. I think I can do b

I bought some more HP today

I bought more Hive Power today. That's about the only significant thing worth mentioning. In the past, I would buy Hive and convert it to HP. I started poking around on Blocktrades and saw that I can buy HP directly rather than buy Hive and

Waiting for the repair estimate

I had my car towed to the car dealership this morning. Dealerships are wonderfully expensive for repairs compared to other repai

Playing the Hive Calculator Game

While curating and having some adult beverages, I decided I couldn't wait until Wednesday to cash out my latest installment of powered down STEEM to power up HIVE. As it turns out, the STEEM payouts would amount to about $20. I discovered th