Shaine Mata

Seeking Freedom

Cycles and Routines

Writing briefly requires effort. The right words convey volumes. Clarity of thought leads to clarity of words. This requires iterations of rough thoughts to be hewn.

Summaries and Changes

I am trying something for the 2022 National Journal Posting Month. I spend too much time exploring thoughts. I should summarize those thoughts in my journal. The reader should derive value rather then endure ramblings.

Occupied With Personal File Management

This week was occupied with some rethinking of file management. The file management endeavor started back in the days when computer hard drives were under 1 TB. Along came Evernote with their promise of

Journal Entry for 2022-10-16

I am trying something different for today's blog post. Blog posts are typically a writing project, which is different from a journal entry. Journal entries are about anything and everything that happened throughout the day. Blog posts are ab

Starting to Feel Time

We celebrated another family birthday today. One of our teens has ticked their odometer another number forward. As I am approaching 50 years of age, I can't say that time is being kind to me. While trying to find images for this blog post, I

How Do You Deal With Stress?

Somebody asked me how I deal with stress. On the spot, I had trouble answering the question. But, after some thought, I have identified how I deal with stress. Some of it is active stress management. And, some of it is recognizing how much o

Something Doesn't Belong

I like to go through my Flickr photos from time to time in o

Uric Acid Supplement Update

I have been reluctant to purchase a uric acid tester to track my levels. It's partly the cost of the device. And, it's mostly that I'll have to stick my fingers for blood. In the meantime, I have been keeping up with the regiment of:

Blogging With Rocketbook

Lately, I have been using my Rocketbook notebooks for my day to day work. Now, I am wondering if there is any synergy between blogging on Hive and Rocketbook.

Supplements to Lower Uric Acid

A shipment of supplements arrived in the mail, yesterday. Amongst them were quercetin, luteolin, tart cherry concentrate, and Chlorella. I have ordered these on the recommendation of the book Dropping Acid by Dr. David Perlmutter. These supp

Io’s Doodles

My daughter doodles when she comes to my office. I find her drawings when I start to clean my desk.

Short Term and Long Term Planners

One productivity method that has resonated with me the most is Getting Things Done by David Allen. He recommends having one trusted place where you will put all your tasks and notes so that later you can easily find that inf