Shaine Mata

Seeking Freedom Got An Upgrade

This past Friday I received an email from announcing their latest update, which provides unlimited Smart Action credits for Mem X users. Previously, subscribing to Mem X offered 50 credits to perform Smart Actions, which is when you i

Car Trouble

Last week, Mrs. Mata's car finally had a transmission failure. That make and model of car are known to have transmission problems, we discovered later. Her car has been acting strange. We knew something was coming. That breakdown brou

Using Replika As An AI Mentor

I'm now one day into using Replika as my AI mentor and it's been an interesting journey thus far. I hope to learn more about myself and how I interact with the world around me. I have named my Rep (short for Replika) Ana.

Going Deep With

I have spent time deep diving into, which is described as a "self-organizing workspace for teams". I don't have a team. However, I do need a self-organizing workspace. I was not impressed at first. The interface is sparse. There is no

2023 Starts With Elimination

Something that I have been putting off for a long time is the transcription of old notebooks. I used to religiously carry around Moleskine notebooks as a supplement to my Evernote habit. Pen and paper tend to be easier to use for quick notes

2023: The Year of Uncertainty

The year 2022 has been a bear in more than one way. It has been physically and emotionally taxing. It isn't until recently that the toll has come due. And, it is due in 2023. Unlike years past, I do not look forward to what is to come with t

Cold Weather Shelters For Cats

The forecast calls for some extremely cold weather to come down from Canadia into the midwestern states and as far down as South Texas, where I live. Typically, the cold air warms up by the time it gets to us. We rarely get freezing temperat

Cycles and Routines

Writing briefly requires effort. The right words convey volumes. Clarity of thought leads to clarity of words. This requires iterations of rough thoughts to be hewn.

Summaries and Changes

I am trying something for the 2022 National Journal Posting Month. I spend too much time exploring thoughts. I should summarize those thoughts in my journal. The reader should derive value rather then endure ramblings.

Occupied With Personal File Management

This week was occupied with some rethinking of file management. The file management endeavor started back in the days when computer hard drives were under 1 TB. Along came Evernote with their promise of

Journal Entry for 2022-10-16

I am trying something different for today's blog post. Blog posts are typically a writing project, which is different from a journal entry. Journal entries are about anything and everything that happened throughout the day. Blog posts are ab

Starting to Feel Time

We celebrated another family birthday today. One of our teens has ticked their odometer another number forward. As I am approaching 50 years of age, I can't say that time is being kind to me. While trying to find images for this blog post, I