Journal Entry for 2022-10-16

I am trying something different for today's blog post. Blog posts are typically a writing project, which is different from a journal entry. Journal entries are about anything and everything that happened throughout the day. Blog posts are ab

One more time at IAH. I am traveling to a facility management conference. Experiencing ...

... flight delays.

Going Home

It was a very educational three days in Orlando. I learned a great deal of what is needed to manage my team of Custodians. There will

Staying In Orlando

I am traveling alone in Florida for some training. I’ll be here all week. The hotel room is nice. However, downtown doesn’t have plac

Traveling Home From NFMT Baltimore

This morning I am making my way home from Baltimore, Maryland. The NFMT conference was educational and inspiring for me professionall

First GMRS radio contact in Baltimore

Tonight I had my first GMRS radio contact in Baltimore, Maryland. We chatted for about 10 minutes. Ham radio operators would call it

My Actifit Report Card: March 26 2019

I spent most of the day walking around the Baltimore Convention Center between workshops and then walking around the Expo. It is one thing to g

Long Day

I’m not

Checking in From NFMT 2019 in Baltimore

NFMT 2019 in Baltimore, MD Just finished a workshop. 3 more days to g

NFMT Daily Schedule

2019 NFMT Baltimore Conference

In San Antonio with Epodcaster

Planning session for an upcoming project with @epodcaster in San Antonio, Texas.