Hive Disappointment

I was looking at my Hive stats. It appears that I have only earned 147.79 Steem/Hive...

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I was looking at my Hive stats. It appears that I have only earned 147.79 Steem/Hive for my efforts since creating my account a while back. I was certain more of my account growth was from my activities rather than power ups and leased delegations.

I'm not complaining. On the bright side, I am now aware that it is possible to succeed on Hive through a combination of efforts. This actually coincides with another discovery I made tonight. There are several large accounts on Hive that have not made a single post. They mostly go around curating content, sometimes very generously. Simply through curation, they are able to earn as much Hive every day than I am powering up weekly.

To be fair, I have not been as active with my account as I could have been. Once upon a time, I was a social media fiend. I would blog daily on multiple blogs, tweet up a storm, facebook my face off, and poke around other new social media websites. In recent years, I have been less creative and not up to sharing everything about my life. This is more critical on a blockchain network given the immutability. I was hesitant to commit. Why invest money into something I might leave? Then the fiasco with Steem didn't help.

Now that Hive is on its feet and purring like a kitten, I find myself more comfortable investing myself into the community.

I don't know what to do with the knowledge that my account is where it is from investing rather than content creation or curation. Some of my leases were paying between 13% to 18%, which isn't bad for leaving my account unattended for long stretches. I suppose the important thing to note is that one has options on Hive. A little bit of this. A little bit of that.

I'm expecting some leases to expire soon. So, my active stake will increase, giving me more opportunity to earn from authoring and curating. Let's see what the rest of 2020 brings.