XYO Network Speculation

Recently, I saw an ad for the Coin App, which lets you mine XYO tokens on your phone. I thought to myself, "why not"? It was interesting. I discovered that you don't mine very many tokens w...

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Recently, I saw an ad for the Coin App, which lets you mine XYO tokens on your phone. I thought to myself, "why not"? It was interesting. I discovered that you don't mine very many tokens walking around. You can earn more by biking or driving. You can also boost your earnings by becoming a Plus or Pro member, which costs up to about $35/mo. They also suggest that you order an Sentinel IX, which is a Bluetooth beaconing device that does what your phone is doing with GPS. By pairing the Sentinel with your Coin App, you increase the amount of XYO tokens you can earn. So, I ordered one. I wasn't paying attention. They bundled the subscription with the Sentinel IX. The Sentinel IX arrived yesterday. I am earning more. I don't know if I'll earn $35 worth, however. I'm not constantly driving around.


I got around to exploring the website and the parent company. They also make the XY Find It, which is a locator device you attach to items you frequently lose like keys or devices. Their latest model, the XY4+ looks exactly like the the Sentinel IX used for the Coin App. You can buy a set of them and pair them with your phone using the XY Find It app so that you can locate items. If you put one on your keys, for example, you can make it beep to enable you to find them.

I installed the app and paired the Sentinel IX to the app. It worked. However, it then became unavailable to the Coin App. I removed the Sentinel IX from XY Find It, and it immediately became usable by Coin App.

I had been meaning to buy locaters for a while. I just never got around to it. So, I ordered a pack of 10 from XY Find It. I should get the package sometime next week. What I found amusing was that the website pointed out multiple times that the XY4+ is not the same as the Sentinel IX. This is possible. For the brief period when I had the Sentinel IX paired to XY Find It, the app wanted to update the firmware. I decided against it because it may very well have special firmware to function with Coin App. I did not want to break that as it costs about $50 to replace it. This is more than what the XY4+ costs. Better not risk it.

My speculation is that Coin App and XY Find It are complementary. Coin App has people wandering around "sensing" the locations of items that have the XY4+ attached. This way, you would have "last seen" updates if you lost an item or had it stolen. For example, if I put an XY4+ on my car, it would tell me where to find it in the parking lot based on the last reported location. Along that same vein, if somebody took my car and a Coin App miner were to pass by, it would update XY Find It with the last know location. Let me repeat that this is speculation. It is something, however, that I may be able to test.

One problem there could be is that there aren't enough miners around to help locate items tagged with XY4+ devices. However, based on a feature of the Coin App called Geoclaim, there are at least 29 other people in my area who are claiming the same territory. That's encouraging. This is because the claims must be made manually. Therefore, there are potentially way more miners who have forgotten to Geoclaim.

It is possible that what I am speculating is well-known already. Online reviews are rather savage with XY Find It. This is, perhaps, because there weren't many people around claiming XYO tokens. I'll have to revisit the question later after I have had time and experience with the devices.