On The Brink of 3000 HP

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I am close to reaching 3000 HP today. I think tomorrow I should power up the missing amount to reach my goal. It wasn't too long ago that I was excited to reach 2000 HP. In fact, it was exactly a month ago on the 15th that I reached 2000 HP.

Each Friday, I have been and will continue to add $20 in Hive to my account. The past two power ups have yielded between 75 and 85 Hive.

Given this pace, I may very well reach 4000 HP in a month. I am expecting to continue buying $20 of HP each Friday. Also, I am still powering down the last of my Steem, which should give my efforts a boost. Long-term, I think I should be reaching 5000 HP by mid September. After the last Steem power down, things should slow down. I think maybe 1000 HP every couple months. I'm guessing 6000 HP by December.

Of course, it also helps to have generous curators frequenting my posts. In my projections, however, I do not count on income from posting and curation as they have proven too unreliable. My vote strength is definitely increasing. Once the last two leases expire, I expect a jump in voting strength. Curation is about to get fun.

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