For My Next Trick - 5000 HP

It took exactly one month to go from 2000 HP to 3000 HP. This was a combination of buying $20 of HIVE every week and transferring powered down STEEM. ...

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It took exactly one month to go from 2000 HP to 3000 HP. This was a combination of buying $20 of HIVE every week and transferring powered down STEEM.

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I still have six more weeks of STEEM power downs pending. The weekly buys will continue. And, I have a lease expiring on, which would raise my vote power. Curation and post rewards have been on the increase as my stake grows.

Potentially, I could reach 4000 HP before 30 days. Hive account growth happens faster as your stake increases in size. The 5000 HP goal may take longer than 60 days without the infusion from my STEEM stake in the final two weeks.

All of this is starting to get exciting and fun. It was a tough slog when I first started with STEEM. I did not realize at the time that it was within my power to move up the ranks faster. I was too timid with my stake purchases. In fact, when STEEM was under 10 cents, I did not take advantage. I think, partly, it was because I had only ever seen STEEM decline in price since joining.

I used to watch @exyle videos where he would excitedly report how the price decline was great because it allowed him to buy more and more STEEM. I appreciated his enthusiasm; but, I did not follow along with buying. I was too timid. If I bought STEEM, it was $5-10 at a time.

To be fair, my finances were a bit uncertain at the time. I didn't have a budget that included savings. Thus, I never had money available for buying crypto or STEEM. Things have improved for me regarding the budget. I have tighter control. I am also pleased with HIVE as an improvement on STEEM. I have been able to put away unprecedented amounts in savings. It never occurred to me to divert some of that savings stream to Hive. This is why I am able to timidly add $20/wk to Hive. Once I finish paying off my credit cards, I will be able to increase my weekly contributions.

If it came down to it, I could get to 5000 HP quickly with $422 and HIVE at 0.2108. Spending that much would be an inconvenience as it would throw off my budget. This is not to brag. Rather, it is to point out that it is perplexing that somebody with significant savings would not buy themselves into Orca or Whale status. Or perhaps there are some who have done it and dedicate themselves to leasing or curating. It's possible.

Run the numbers. Sinking $5000 into Hive would get you 23,719 HP instantly. You could immediately start curating and posting to generate good returns. Or, you could turn around and lease out that HP for a steady 15% return. That's $750/year return. In HIVE, that's 3,557.

A $10,000 investment would get you 47,438 HP. Invested in curation trails or leasing, that's 7,115 HIVE or $1,500 per year. The interest alone is more than what many of us have accumulated over a couple of years.

I'm not suggesting that I have $10K to drop into HIVE, not all at once. But, it is something that I could conceivably accumulate in time. What's more exciting is that a good portion of that can be earned through sweat equity by posting, curating. and delegating.

It was this realization that got me excited to invest myself into Hive. I am not at the level of investment I would like. My personal finances are taking precedent for the moment. However, once I reach a comfortable situation, you can count on me to start investing myself more heavily into Hive. It won't be that I'll be posting more often or curating more. That doesn't scale. However, leasing HP does offer scalable returns. I could also delegate to curation projects. I could also drop some fat votes to support creators I like.

I don't think that it is unique to Hive that one can do so much good with a large stake. I think wealthy people experience similar satisfaction by investing in projects that benefit society and also make a decent return, like real estate investing, for example. In order to play the game, you have to have enough capital to make things worthwhile to everybody involved. Similarly, with Hive, having a large stake is worthwhile to the owner, to content creators, and to the community as a whole.

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