Entering the Steem Monsters Fray

As a part of my recommitment to Steem, I played my first Steem Monsters...

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As a part of my recommitment to Steem, I played my first Steem Monsters games yesterday and today. The game seems somewhat simple to play. Having the mana at different levels requires some thinking about which cards to choose. The first completed Quest yielded some decent cards. I hesitate to join in any tournaments, primarily because of the time commitment. 

There seems to be a robust market for cards that other players do not want. I might buy individual cards to level up some of my own. It seems less haphazard than buying packs. 

One thing that is in Steem Monsters is a place to enter your TRX (Tron) address. Does that mean that Steem Monsters will be dual blockchain? Or will they be moving to Tron? Fortunately, there has been an announcement to explain what is happening. We can expect to be playing Splinterlands in the future. 

Steem has opened up my eyes to dapps and other blockchains similar to Steem. It is exciting that the web is slowly evolving to "decentralized" services. Thus, I am continuing to participate in Steem with the expectation of demonstrating to people I know what is possible.