Boss Level Is a Fun Action Movie


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This weekend, Mrs. Mata and I sat down to watch Boss Level, a movie with Annabelle Wallis, Mel Gibson, Frank Grillo. The premise of the movie is something like Groundhog Day, in which the main character lives the same day over and over, getting killed each time. However, as the title implies, it is more like a video game in which the character has to fight his way to reach the boss fight to exit the game level.

The movie is fun to watch as Roy Pulver (Grillo) tries to figure out why assassins are suddenly out to kill him. Just like a game player tries to navigate obstacles to the end of the game level, Roy has to go a little further each time without getting killed. Some of the ways he dies are just gruesome.

What is most appealing about the movie is that it doesn't take itself seriously. You might say that the movie is campy. Some of the jokes are predictable. But, even so, you enjoy waiting for the payoff.

Speaking of predictable, yes, there are car chases, explosions, fight scenes, and the guy gets the girl in the end, maybe. Everything one loves in a movie.

Mel Gibson does a great job as Colonel Ventor, the villain. You don't need Gibson to do an Oscar-winning performance. You just have to believe that he's a bad guy, which he does very well.

Boss Level is available on Hulu. I recommend watching it for some fun with friends. Bust out the popcorn and beer. You'll have a few laughs.