Weekend Update

This weekend we celebrated Father's Day. My family had dinner with my in-laws. Most of the weekend, however, I...

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This weekend we celebrated Father's Day. My family had dinner with my in-laws. Most of the weekend, however, I spent at home with my family. We watched a few TV shows. However, we mostly did some reading. I did some writing.

This brings me to Narrative.org where I now own a couple of Niches.

The first Niche is the Entrepreneurship Niche. I bought this Niche a while back and had left it sitting around unused because Narrative is still not running on all cylinders. They recently paid out rewards. As it turns out the rewards were significant. Everybody is excited that they can earn some real money. One writer earned over $1000. Not me.

I'm cautiously optimistic. From what I understand, Steem used to pay out crazy rewards at the start as well. All is well at Narrative for now because writers are unable to withdraw the rewards. The withdrawal feature is still under development. It will be a test of the economics once people start pulling out money from Narrative. The big feature will be the ability to buy more Niches with the rewards. I suspect that many writers will start maxing out their Niche ownership.


I chanced upon a second one-word Niche, Writing.


The Writing niche seemed like it could be popular. In my mind, Niches are used like tags. I think one-word tags are best suited for posting. It seems natural that Narrative will be full of writers who can obviously write about their experience with the craft.

So, I bid on the Writing Niche on Friday evening, I think. Sunday the auction was ending and I had a competitor. I was going to go for 1 NRVE upbids and accidentally typed in 73,111 NRVE instead of 7311. That scared the hell out of me. If the competitor had kept bidding, I would have paid $1000 for the niche, or he would have paid it if he was that determined. In the end, it cost me over $300. Ouch. I'm going to have to hustle.

Given the rewards from Narrative, it is very possible to make back the money within the year. I'm going to work Narrative to ensure I get my money back.

This brings me to my plan. Since Narrative is paying out very generously at the moment, still with only 1000 active users, I think I can triple or quadruple dip. Let me think: earn PAL, earn STEEM, earn SNAX, and earn NRVE. Yep, quadruple dip.

Narrative allows you to add your canonical link to original content when you copy your work over to that platform. So, I would write my post to Steem, using PALnet, copy the post URL and text, then post those to Narrative. There are other writers who have taken advantage of the canonical link to connect their content from other sites to Narrative.

That's the extent of my weekend. I had hoped to make some changes to web domains I own. I couldn't work up the motivation to drive to work for my laptop. Summers in South Texas are oppressively hot. They sap the will out of you. I'll work on that tonight.

Oh, and I joined a gym last week. I think I will have to pay a visit.

That is all.

Keep on Steeming!