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I just got an email notification that is shutting...

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I just got an email notification that is shutting down.

I'm a little sad to see it go. I paid a bunch of money to buy a couple of writing niches. It was exciting for a time. I also find myself a bit relieved. Owning niches was a bit of an obligation that weighed on me. Therefore, I am glad that I do not have that on the back of my mind. I would withdraw all the NRVE I earned, which at current prices has dropped to $3.93 in value. Perhaps I should have cashed out earlier.

One positive of this is that it demonstrates how durable Steem is. Not only are there people here who interact and contribute, the economics seem to still work out. The upcoming changes should add more stickiness to the platform so that users continue to visit and participate. While prices for Steem are a bit low at the moment, the community still seems to be chugging along.