Almost Tapped Out On Steem Leases

I recently consolidated some crypto holdings spread out over several wallets to pile into my Steem account. This brought my SP above ...

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I recently consolidated some crypto holdings spread out over several wallets to pile into my Steem account. This brought my SP above 1000 for the first time. For me, that’s a bit exciting. However, when thinking about it, I don’t post often enough to make proper use of the SP. I do upvote and comment more than I should. I should be working rather than reading posts. Thus, I have leased out most of my SP.

One disadvantage of leasing out most of my Steem Power is that it is very discouraging. I forgot what it was like to start out and have my upvotes count next to nothing. Of course, posting is also less rewarding, except I do less of that. I suppose comments won’t earn much either.

This leaves me at the mercy of other readers with more SP. I am almost completely reliant on upvotes and comments to generate rewards given how little my own efforts generate. I’m not complaining, only describing what it is like starting over. One grows accustomed to having upvotes worth something.

Most of my delegations are leases, not bots. There are a couple of bots. However, I don’t believe bots are going to save Steem. It’s going to be hard-working Steemians who need a boost and are writing content like it’s their business who save Steem. At the very least, they are more hard-working than me. Thus, it makes little sense for me to hang on to so much SP that I only occasionally use.

Leasing SP, to borrow from the FAQ over at, is like real estate leasing. If I own a couple of spare houses, I can’t possibly live in three. I could visit each from time to time, but that would leave the other two vacant. Thus, with SP, I am not able to take full advantage of 1000 SP. It is too much to leave sitting around, yet not enough to make any direct meaningful impact on the lives of other Steemians. So, for now I shall be leasing out a majority of my SP to earn a predictable and steady return.

In this way, I hope that I am able to help other Steemians pursue their goals. The example I used in a previous post was that at current Steem prices, you can control $1600 worth of SP for 12 weeks for about $70. Let that sink in. You can temporarily bump up to Dolphin level, 5000 SP, for $70. Obviously, you want a plan on how to use that power during the time you are driving it around the Steem Universe to maximize your return.

There are other, and likely more profitable ways, to build up your SP. Personally, I am favoring leasing because it is predictable and very hands-off. Other methods still require me to keep up a certain level of activity. I like writing and social media. However, I prefer to maintain a more leisurely pace than a Steem business demands. For you, it may be different.

I urge Steemians who, unlike me, plan on being active on the platform to consider leasing SP at the website. The leveraged boost can help you meet your goals a bit faster. Done right, you can earn back your investment before your lease is done. I would suggest leasing for a longer term so that you have time to learn how to use the boost. It does cost more, but it gives you time to adjust and to implement your Steem business plan. Too short a time would leave you scrambling. Short terms are OK if you know exactly how you are going to execute your strategy, by the numbers.

I recommend you think about where leasing fits into your Steem experience, whether as the leasee or leasor. In combination with other strategies, leasing can provide you with benefits you currently do not have.