First Run In Vibram Five Fingers

Tonight, I had my first run in Vibram Five Finger shoes. It was more of a series of short jogs. The park I frequent is one square block. I ran one side, walked the next, ran, and walked. This went on for thirty minutes.

Despite the alternating light run and walk, I can already feel that I will pay for it tomorrow. I am both out of shape and at my heaviest. My legs have never had to carry almost 190 pounds of rapidly plodding mass.

The blistering problem with the shoes continued to bother me all week until they went through the wash. I tried using a piece of sock to protect my heel, which worked fine. However, after the wash, the socks were no longer needed. Tonight, I ran without the need for socks.

There is some debate among barefoot runners regarding paved surfaces versus turf for the development of proper running form. To hedge my bets, I ran one side on sidewalk and the other on grass.

I am far from running a mile or 5K. I suppose I must start somewhere. In the meantime, I'll need some aspirin tomorrow.