Building a New Life

A couple of months ago, I started feeling like my life was about to change again. I felt like, somehow, I had reached the end of a phase and had to step up to the next level. I could not pinpoint exactly what actions or circumstances created this sense of . . . building. It is as if I am not done expanding.

In many ways, life is like a building. Over the life cycle of the building, it will endure additions, remodelings, repairs, renovations, and the occasional disaster. In this case, the structure of my life needs to add new functionality. I need to build on knowledge to take me to the next version of myself.

Providence has brought me the people who will help me build myself up. In this instance, I have wanted and had offers of help to become a real estate investing professional. The mentors are there. The time is available. The materials for me to build are at the ready. I just need to pick up the tools and start working.

In the coming months, and possibly years, I will grow my real estate investing business. I am excited to announce that my spare time is now that of a real estate professional.

Last night, after an investor meeting, I met the people who will show me how to connect buyers and sellers with mechanisms to finance the deal. There are many people who have money for a down payment. For whatever reason, these folks have bad credit, or no credit, despite their ability to earn. I can help them build up their credit through a home purchase. It sounds nuts on the face of it.

I won’t bore you with the details. Just expect great things from me and for me this year.