Shaine L. Mata Blog



I finally figured out how to set up my IPFS website to serve from my domain using IPNS. It was a bit challenging to wrap my mind around the instructions. I have figured it out. Unfortunately, hosting the site from my desktop IPFS is proving to be slow. However, I hope that this is a temporary problem while the DNS and IPFS hashes propogate. Making quick changes will be problematic.

I was not expecting that things would work out like a regular website. I was expecting something closer to forwarding. The advantage of all this is that it will allow me to share links indefinitely rather than end up with dead links every time I update the website. The next challenge will be to improve my CSS and page templates for a more presentable site.

In terms of workflow, the best solution may be to keep my files on a thumb drive and then move back and forth between computers to hash the site and publish. I am going to shut down the computer tonight and see if the IPNS continues to work without the node running. Of course, I will pin the website in the cloud before yanking the node. One of the reasons I don't blog much anymore is because it became too cumbersome to post things on the web. One grows accustomed to the ease of tweets and other short posts like Instagram. Unfortunately, blogging requires a keyboard, some time, and effort. I can't blame all of it on ease of posting. Not wanting to sit down, think, and write has a lot to do with it.

Personal Reflection

Since I'm going on that tangent, I've been making it a habit to come home and watch Youtube videos for the rest of the evening. I have been zoning out. My mind has been adrift and unwilling to settle down with any one thought or idea for any significant moments. All the tools and techniques at my disposal do their work well in keeping track of what I enter into them. However, I have been lax in updating and checking up on what needs doing. Slow to take on new work. Reluctant to engage on what is already pending. I need to find that spark that gets me fired up and burning to get things done. At the age of 45, there are still decades to go before slowing down is an option.