Shaine Mata Blog


I have been searching for some kind of workflow for my blogging using IPFS. The greatest challenge is that it is not like going to a website and posting content. There is some work that needs to be done on the back end to put it all together and to share the most recent updates. The immutability of IPFS is great except when you need to make changes.

One method that I have thought is to write individual posts, upload to a pinning service, share the hash, and later in the week update the website. The downside to this approach is that there will be no search function or other index for finding information. On the other hand, I could run searches on the desktop using the original files. If the individual posts are indexed, they would show up on search results under their own hash, not the hash of the website. Once the file is incorporated into the blog, the individual pin could be deleted while still preserving the hash within the shared folder.

I have likely spent too much time on this. However, I am caught between not wanting to depend on services that would delete my content, for whatever reason, and the challenge of finding good IPFS tools that make it easy to to what I want to do. As much as I would like my blog to look nice, the overhead of creating, modifying, and maintaining templates makes the process more of a chore than I am willing to do. So, I am going to proceed with a more Spartan approach to blogging.

At Work

At work today, I took care of some odds and ends that have been awaiting my attention. We also got the Christmas tree decorated, finally. This week has a good amount of traffic to my building. When there are people, there is wear and tear to a building, naturally. All I can hope to do is keep up with maintenance.

In the works is the planning for some thermostats that will allow me to automate the HVAC for our classrooms and large meeting spaces.

I also need to work on ordering some sensors that we are deploying in the building to ensure that we are notified when certain problems arise, such as water leaks or cooling failures.