Shaine L. Mata

Mission, TX

The power supply, a TekPower TP30SWV 30 Amp DC model, arrived in the mail yesterday. Last night I set up the Slim Jim antenna on a utility pole next to the house and plugged in one of the MXT115 mobile units. I set it to scan for radio traffic. None was available. I can try again during lunch break to see if the higher gain antenna is able to pull in some retail store communications. I suspect that if the reception is not very good, it may be that the antenna is too close to the pole. I may need to find a way to create some separation between the pole and the antenna.

I do not know what to do to replace Alma's mobile radio. I could go with a network radio, one of the Inrico mobiles. Or, I could go with the Midland MXT275, which is a headless unit. It has all the interface on the handset. This way I could install it in under her car seat and leave only the handset visible. I would have to explore antenna mounting options as well.

I find myself getting carried away. Perhaps I ought to step back a bit and see where this radio hobby falls, organically. Once I have a natural place for it, I can consider more upgrades.

I have learned that Neocities is starting to implement IPFS for their user websites. I have created an account there. shaine.neocities.org