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I just received the ULINE catalog. I find myself more excited than I should be. I think facility management is starting to grow on me.

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Savings is something sacred that you need to build up and guard against loss. Warren Buffet has some famous rules about not losing money. We should not rely on savings for spending money. Rather savings should working in your favor while you use other financing to get by. All too often, savings is treated as a sort of sinking fund, money set aside to pay off debt or to repurchase a depreciating asset. But, you don’t save money for the purpose of spending it.

You can earn a higher hourly rate in your free time than you can earn in your day job. This is assuming that you have some sort of skilled gig you can do quickly. For example, I do IT side jobs after work and on weekends. The hourly rate I can charge for these services is way more than I would earn as a technician for somebody else.

I have just launched FIRE Blog Gallery, a website about personal finance and things related to Financial Independence and Retire Early. The site is a way for me to share some of my favorite posts about personal finance and business.

Tonight, I had my first run in Vibram Five Finger shoes. It was more of a series of short jogs. The park I frequent is one square block. I ran one side, walked the next, ran, and walked. This went on for thirty minutes.

Recently, I asked my assistant to spend some time thinking about blog topics for me. Lately, I have been in a doing mode, not too much about the thinking, at least in my personal life. Consequently, things at work are going great when I am fresh and ready to think. But, I am fried at the end of the day with little thinking capacity left for home. So, I need some pre-thinking done.

I outsource some things at home, like yard work. I figured that I could outsource topic thinking too. If given a topic, I could get straight to writing about it. Choosing a topic is sometimes the toughest part of writing blog posts. Here are some thoughts of my own about outsourced thinking, ironically.

On the surface, minimalism seems like an ascetic lifestyle. One mistakenly imagines that minimalists are the type to live out in the desert with a jug of water and a packet of crackers with nature to entertain them. This version of minimalism is a rather extreme version. However, that is not to say that the ascetic is not experiencing his version of freedom.

Rather, minimalism is best described as letting go of the unessential. For the sake of argument, if you are a painter and spend all your time on your art, the items that are essential to you are your brushes, paints, canvases, and other items that aid you in your pursuits. Unessential to you are newspaper and magazine subscriptions, season tickets, and a McMansion.

Today, I received the shipment of my new Vibram Five Finger shoes. This model is the Spyridon MR Trail Running Shoe, which I purchased from Amazon. Although I am not yet a runner, let alone a trail runner, I expect to eventually be one.

I wrote about my motives for barefoot running, or the closest thing to it a few days ago when I placed my order. I must confess that what I imagined the experience of Vibram Five Fingers and what has actually happened have parted ways.

It is possible to have peace and freedom in your life despite who is in elected office. Having worked in politics, there was some uneasiness I had when I was in the thick of it. It can be fun and fascinating; but, I didn’t really feel like I was making much of a difference in the lives of the people over whom I helped make policy. I later realized what was causing me the unrest.

There were a number of people whom I know who completely lost their reason after the election result last week. They truly believe that the end of the world is nigh. On top of that, a bunch of snowflake millennials are protesting and rioting as if that ever changed an election result.

I was not quite sure how to tie in barefoot running with freedom, except that I am trapped by an accident I had as a teenager. I had a motorcycle accident which has left me with lingering problems on one leg. I can function well enough except that strenuous walking and, especially, running starts to cause discomfort. I would like to run. I used to love running. But, I am trapped by a leg that will not tolerate it for very long.

You work hard, make money, establish systems, and do everything possible to create a future built around your freedom. It turns out that freedom is subjective; it is different for everybody. So, I started thinking about what freedom is not and how some freedom can be false. So, let’s talk about false freedom.

One challenge to seeking freedom is figuring out to what purpose? What does it look like and how do you get it? I have discovered that storytelling is one way to find freedom. How would you characterize yourself if you were the protagonist in your own story?

I finished reading The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure last week. Grant Cardone has done a great job with this book, although at the end it was a bit self-congratulating. I have a ton of highlights through most of the book, however. I think this book is definitely one for your Freedom Library.

I have put off writing about this book, The End of Jobs, because I am conflicted about it. I find value in what Taylor Pearson writes. However, I have read many of the same books from which he derives the material written in his book. It is fair to say that The End of Jobs is a derivative work.

The value of reading The End of Jobs would be greatest for somebody who does not read very many business books. However, if you are a reader like me, the book still has some value in the synthesis of ideas aimed at making the overall point that entrepreneurship is the new path to financial well-being that a 9 to 5 career once was.