Shaine Mata

Seeking Freedom


You work hard, make money, establish systems, and do everything possible to create a future built around your freedom. It turns out that freedom is subjective; it is different for everybody. So, I started thinking about what freedom is not and how some freedom can be false. So, let’s talk about false freedom.

One challenge to seeking freedom is figuring out to what purpose? What does it look like and how do you get it? I have discovered that storytelling is one way to find freedom. How would you characterize yourself if you were the protagonist in your own story?

I finished reading The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure last week. Grant Cardone has done a great job with this book, although at the end it was a bit self-congratulating. I have a ton of highlights through most of the book, however. I think this book is definitely one for your Freedom Library.

I have put off writing about this book, The End of Jobs, because I am conflicted about it. I find value in what Taylor Pearson writes. However, I have read many of the same books from which he derives the material written in his book. It is fair to say that The End of Jobs is a derivative work.

The value of reading The End of Jobs would be greatest for somebody who does not read very many business books. However, if you are a reader like me, the book still has some value in the synthesis of ideas aimed at making the overall point that entrepreneurship is the new path to financial well-being that a 9 to 5 career once was.

The good news is that I start a new full-time job soon. This means that I need to finish whatever side jobs I have pending so that I can focus on getting oriented with the new position. I am pending drug test and background check before getting started.

After leaving my last position, I immediately started getting calls to do IT jobs. I also have a client of ten years who will wait for me to get off work, or will wait for the weekends for me to do a job. He’d rather wait than hire somebody else. So, I’ve been doing jobs for a little spending money.

Originally, I had intended to become a self-supporting writer with the purpose, firstly, of becoming self-supporting. I see writing as the ultimate home-based business. I imagine myself secluded in a corner somewhere with coffee and a laptop banging away on the QWERTY, making money.

The theme for this period in my life is “Seeking Freedom”. Instinctively, I know that this is something I want. Cognitively, I do not fully grasp what that means. Being Free is turning out to be a great more difficult than I thought. The problem is choosing one of many paths.

Freedom requires purpose.

Slow Watches For Mindfulness?

Can a watch change your life? slow: The 24 hour one hand watch. slow is not a speed, it's a mindset that most of us somehow lost. Let's make time to bring slow back into our lives.

One theme that has been coming up in my life a lot, recently, is letting go of the cruft of life. This includes several aspects, the stuff that clutters up my house, financial accounts that are relics, old ideas that are not yielding their promise, and even relationships (or lack thereof).
My latest misadventure involves jicama, a perishable food item that resembles a turnip. I can't make out whether it's a bean or a vine from the Wiki entry. It's definitely a root. But, other sources online categorize jicama as a sort of morning glory or nightshade.
This Summer, which I realize is still ongoing here in Mission with our subtropical weather, I spent my days at the new Center for Education and Economic Development. It is otherwise known as CEED. I have not asked if the name is a play on words.