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One of the most annoying things in life is to be stuck in a loop. This used to be called being stuck in a rut. I disagree with the description. You create a rut from walking or driving the same path over and over. Despite the negative association, a rut is the result of purpose.

Making adjustments

On the wayto major life changes, I got an opportunity to take a course on Photography. This is new ground for me. Most of my studies have been in science, business, and technology. The only exception was that voice class I took my freshman year at University.

I say that this detour is new because I feel like a fish out of water. There are words I do not understand, which is entirely new in itself.

I think my biggest fear is discovering that I've been overthinking what it means to be a photographer. On the one hand it would be liberating to know I have what it takes. On the other hand, it would be an indictment on my failure to push on.

All that aside, I think I should enjoy the coming weeks and the demands of learning about the art of photography.

2018-04-09 - vlog

I discuss improvements to my video presentation. Appearance matters. Lighting Pacing Length

2018-04-06 - vlog

Inspections. A little bit about what I do every day. It was a busy day.

I am posting again

I have been away from podcasting and video for a while. Getting my feet wet.

A couple of months ago, I started feeling like my life was about to change again. I felt like, somehow, I had reached the end of a phase and had to step up to the next level. I could not pinpoint exactly what actions or circumstances created this sense of . . . building. It is as if I am not done expanding.

This is an old gasoline pump that was out in the middle of a field. Everything surrounding it was torn down.
The City of McAllen, Texas had the Mayor's State of the City event. It was a very dramatic experience.
My son and I drove up to Superior, Wisconsin. Once there, we visited the lighthouse at Wisconsin Point.
An old tree near my home that died after the building next to it burned down.
Bishop Daniel Flores blessing the land where a new church will be built.
My children riding their bikes at Oblate Park.
I took this photo of a downpour one afternoon.
I spotted this mushroom in the light at Oblate Park.
Trenton View Plaza. I took this with a medium format toy camera.
Symmetry on Expressway 83
Pedestrian bridge in San Antonio, Texas
Sunday morning street in downtown Mission, Texas

The struggle with the digital lifestyle continues. I have long been an advocate of using technology to improve one’s lifestyle, improve collaboration, and to keep things more or less organized. In most cases, I am a walking solution looking for problems that lack technology.

Yet, I find myself at odds with technology when it comes to making significant strides in my personal and professional goals. I have always required some degree of deep concentration and time to process all that must be juggled. Lately, however, the need is becoming more pronounced.

Podfade Interview Question Responses by shainemata

My friend Jennifer Navarrete sent me an interview questionnaire about podfading. Some very good questions. These are my responses.
Gloria Mark, Professor of Informatics at the University of California, described how allowing digital distraction is like playing tennis with our cognitive energies and attentional resources. However, our brains take a lot longer to switch direction than a tennis ball.

With my brother to visit family.

Yesterday, my attention at work was overseeing the installation of two phone booths without phones.

It seems anachronistic that in the day of mobile phones that anybody would use a phone booth. The reality is that sometimes you need some privacy or a little bit of quiet.

I just received the ULINE catalog. I find myself more excited than I should be. I think facility management is starting to grow on me.