Shaine Mata

Seeking Freedom

I have a friend who quit eating sugar two years ago. When we go out to eat, I almost always get dessert. "Will you have a bite?" I ask, testing her. "No thanks!" She always responds with ease and indifference. Must be so hard for her to turn down a beignet every single time - right?

The Zipf Mystery

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I have been considering the resurrection of RGV Life and recently. These blogs continue to generate a little bit of advertising revenue from Google Adsense every few months despite sitting around without updates. I don't feel any guilt or remorse about leaving the blogs fallow.
My financial experiments have so far proven more or less workable, although rather slow. In fact, circumstances have led to diminished cash reserves, to the point where I am slightly nervous. I've had some big draws on my reserves that in times past would have been impossible to pay.

IDF at CEED building

After many weeks, many days, many hours, our project is near its end. Baptism by fire is a good education, although probably not the ideal education.

I look forward to more adventures and the work ahead.

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If you are like most people, there always seems to be something that mysteriously appears between you and your dreams. Say you really want to write a book, but never seem to get around to it. The reason is that whatever gets in the way-whether its cleaning your closets, checking
I am crushing on my +Simple account now that I am gathering my expenses for tax purposes. While Simple is not so useful this year, due to limited use in 2015, it is going to be awesome next year.
It wasn't a very nice way to begin a letter, but then, it was from the Internal Revenue Service, and it got Greg's attention. The Athens, Georgia, veteran said the notice, which arrived earlier this year, cited three months of taxes he had failed to pay two years ago-and was the first he'd heard of it.
This is the second post in our series, "Taking Note," outlining the storied history and styles of note-taking. Throughout the coming weeks, we'll explore how the practice of taking notes can improve your creativity and all the work you set out to accomplish.